Custom Sound Design & Production Music

Feel free to contact LOBECANDY MUSIC with your specific custom sound design and production music requirements.

Bespoke Production

With international partners we create compelling sounds to underscore contemporary and futuristic worlds, with narratives both real and imagined. With modern and forward-thinking sound design techniques, your campaigns, films and episodics will crackle with unique soundtracks. Our composers, musicians and audio producers specialize in audiophile, bespoke sound that syncs seamlessly in the editing bay. Our imaginative sound design creates immersive aural dimensions which complement dialogue, narrative and action sequences.

Wait, did you say Moog or Eurorack modular?

We certainly hope so!

Mixing & Mastering

Our state of the art productions include in-the-box, 64-bit floating point, 96kHz (or higher) mastering workflow in Steinberg Wavelab for unparalleled audiophile quality for the most demanding productions. We’re currently fans of the mastering tools from Pulsar Audio, Sonnox, Tokyo Dawn and Limitless from DMG Audio.

For fast-moving productions we also employ AI-based mastering and mixing tools (iZotope and Newfangled) to give clients a quick turnaround with professional results.

Start a Conversation

Send us your music brief and we’ll be in touch with our recommendations.  And a Disco playlist if we’ve already identified something appropriate in our catalog. Either as a discussion point or a highly-specific composition with simplified one-stop-licensing.